What is a Tree Planting Ceremony? The Best Tree Planting for Couples! (2022)

What is a Tree Planting Ceremony?

If you and your partner are both good at taking care of plants, a tree planting ceremony is a sweet way to add to your wedding.

Are you and your fiancĂ©(e) a pair of amateur horticulturists? Do you like to spend time in the garden? Well, good news: we know just the right wedding ceremony for you: planting a tree. It’s a fun way to change up the usual wedding schedule, and you’ll end up with the best wedding gift ever: a tree that will grow with your relationship. It can be part of a religious or nonreligious wedding ceremony, so every couple can do it.

What is a Tree Planting Ceremony?

What is a Tree Planting Ceremony
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Just what it sounds like! You and your partner will get in touch with your inner gardeners and plant a tree or shrub right at your altar. Don’t worry, you won’t get too dirty. The plant is meant to represent how special your relationship is. Its roots will grow together, and as your love grows, so will the tree.

What do we need for a ceremony to plant a tree?

You won’t need a whole gardening kit to do it. All you’ll need is a plant (usually a tree, which is why the ceremony is called “Tree Planting”), a pair of spades, gloves (if you don’t want to get your wedding dress dirty), two containers filled with soil, and a third container where your new plant child will live. Don’t forget that if you’re having your wedding at home, you can plant your sprout right in your yard instead.

When does the ceremony to plant trees happen?

Now, you might be wondering, “When is it okay to pull out a spade at my wedding?” So, here I am to tell you. Your celebrant, commissioner, justice of the peace, or officiant will talk about the tree planting ceremony and then ask you and your partner to start gardening.

This usually happens after the wedding vows, but it can happen at any point in the ceremony. You and your partner will put the soil from the two smaller containers into the one that holds the tree. You should probably have the job 90% done before the ceremony so that you and your partner aren’t gardening at the altar for ten minutes.

Can other people I care about join?

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Want it to be even more touching? You can invite some family members or friends to go with you. They can plant the tree with you at the altar or bring soil from their own gardens.

After you’ve put the tree in its new spot and made sure it’s secure, you can enjoy your wedding reception. We suggest giving your tree or plant to a trusted bridesmaid, parent, or friend so you don’t have to carry it around all night. Then you can go on with the party.

How to Pick the Tree

You could plant the kind of tree that you once kissed under, or a tree that is typical of your state or region. But really, any tree that means something special to you both will do. Even though most couples only plant one tree, sometimes both people do it. When a couple gets remarried, it’s a sweet idea to let young children plant their own trees to show how the two families are coming together.

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Tree Kinds

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Trees are strong because they have deep roots, can grow high over roofs, and can stand up to even the worst storms. All of this, along with the fact that trees and their fruit have been a part of culture for a long time and have been thought to have healing powers, makes them symbols of a healthy marriage. What kind of tree you choose should also mean something. Here are some popular choices and what they mean symbolically:

Oak is a sign of life, health, and family togetherness.

In Asian cultures, bamboo, a grass that looks like a tree, stands for strength, flexibility, and rebirth.

Birch trees grow quickly and are liked by couples who care about the environment. They are a sign of being able to change and start over.

Elm trees are a sign of unity, a fresh look at things, and freedom.

Maple trees stand for long life, plenty, and safety.

Willow trees are strong and grow quickly. They are a symbol of adaptability, renewal, and survival.

Apple trees are a symbol of love, truth, beauty, and birth. Danish folklore says that they die near people who cheat. (We want to see that happen.)

Fig trees are a sign of faith, stability, and wisdom.

Pear trees have beautiful white flowers, can bear fruit for up to 50 years, and are a symbol of long life, good health, and plenty.

Pomegranate trees have been a sign of fertility and wealth for a long time.

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One of the best things about a tree-planting ceremony is that it’s easy to change to fit your wedding’s traditions and style. You can say pretty much anything. But most of the time, the couple writes a few words about why they chose that tree and what it means to them, or they ask the officiant (or a loved one) to read a poem or reading that fits the theme. Also, a special song is a nice touch.

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