The Best Tree Stump Planters Ideas for Creative Pots! (2023)

How to make tree stump planters and make them gorgeous? Homeowners and gardeners often spend a lot of money to get rid of tree stumps, but there is a better way! Homeowners all over the world have turned tree stumps and logs from their own yards into beautiful tree stump planters full of blooming flowers with a little bit of hard work with wood.

Do you have a tree stump planter in your yard that you made yourself? If so, please tell us about it!

How to Make Hollow Tree Stump Planters : Tips for Making Planters from Stump

Photo by Marius Girard on Unsplash

Okay, so you’ve probably been stuck with one or two tree stumps in your yard at some point. Maybe you’re like most people and just want to get rid of the stumps. Why not take advantage of them instead? A flower planter made from a tree stump could be the answer.

How to Make a Planter Out of a Tree Stump

In my yard, there is an old tree stump. I decided that instead of getting rid of the stump, I would put it to good use by planting flowers in it. So, for this instructable, I hollowed out that stump so I could use it as a flower planter. I didn’t want to cut it all the way through to the bark. I wanted to leave about an inch of wood, and I’ve already used a pencil to mark the edge of the wood I want to keep.

Here’s a list of tools I think you should use:

Materials: Corded Variable Speed Hammer Drill, 2″ High-Speed Steel Forstner Drill Bit, 3/8″ Drill Bit, Wood Chisel, Mallet or Hammer, Gardening Gloves, Potting Soil, and Plants.

Putting plants in tree stumps

tree stump planters
Photo by Yves Alarie on Unsplash

Making planters out of these eyesores is not only a good way to make them look better, but it also has other benefits. For example, as the wood breaks down, it will add nutrients to the soil and help plants grow. Also, the more you water your stump, the faster it will die. You can also plant and design your stump container in a number of different ways.

I find it easiest to plant annual flowers, but there are many other kinds you can choose from, depending on your needs and tastes. Also, keep in mind the conditions for growth, such as full sun, shade, etc. If you want to get more for your money, look for plants that can handle drought, like succulents, that grow in sunny spots.

How to Make a Planter from a Tree Stump

Photo by Manja Vitolic on Unsplash

As was already said, there are many ways to make tree planters from a stump. The most common way is to use a hollow stump as a planter. You can just plant right into the stump. To do this, you will need a sharp tool like an ax or mattock to hollow it out. Those of you who are handy enough might be able to use a chainsaw. If the stump has been there for a while, the middle may be soft, which should make the job easier.

Leave about 2 to 3 inches (5 to 8 cm) around the edge, unless you want to dig a small hole for planting. Again, you should do what works for you. Even though drainage holes aren’t required, they will help the stump last longer and stop problems with root rot that could happen later if plants get too wet. This can also be helped by putting a layer of gravel in the hollow of the stump before planting.

Once you have a good hole for planting, you can add some compost or potting soil and start putting plants in your tree stump. You could also put a pot inside the hollowed-out stump and put your plants in that. In the spring, you can plant seedlings or plants from a nursery, or you can sow your own seeds right into the stump planter. You can plant flower bulbs and other plants around it to make it look even better.

That’s how you turn a tree stump into a nice planter for your garden.

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