The Best Trees to Plant in Tree Planters (2023)

Can trees be grown in tree planters?

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It’s easy to add color, texture, and size to your outdoor garden by growing plants in tree planters. Every landscape feels more peaceful, beautiful, and wild when trees are there. They can be the background or the main focus of any garden design, no matter how big or small.

There are many different kinds of tree planters. Concrete, plastic, resin, or clay pots are all good options. Different things are good about each type. Choosing the right tree planters is just as important as picking the right product.

It’s not as easy as it sounds to choose which trees to grow in pots. There are many things to think about before choosing the right tree for you.

What are some good reasons to plant in Tree Planters?

Commercial Tree Planters
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There are a lot of reasons why you might want to plant in a container instead of the ground.

First, when you plant trees in containers, you can bring them inside in the winter to protect them from frost and in the summer to keep them from getting too hot. You can even take them with you when you move to a new home.

Second, a tree grown in a pot can be used to decorate patios and decks, make outdoor spaces more usable, and give your garden more color, order, and texture.

Are big trees able to grow in planters?

Yes, you can grow bigger trees in pots too, not just small ones. A tree in a pot needs to be watered and fertilized more often than one planted in the ground, but if it is cared for well, it will live for many years.

In one of our projects, you can see how large planters and greenery have helped to make a pool area look better.

What kinds of trees do well when planted in pots?

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There are many different kinds of plants that do well in pots. Here are a few

  1. Dwarf Alberta Spruce (Picea glauca ‘Conica’)

Dwarf evergreen trees are known for its thick, fluffy leaves and conical shape as it grows. It grows to be between 4 and 13 feet tall and 3 feet wide. It grows slowly, and in the winter it is often used as a Christmas tree. This small tree grows well in a pot and likes winters that are cold and summers that aren’t too hot.

  1. The Loblolly Pine (Pinus taeda)

This pine tree is known for being one of the ones that grows the fastest. This makes it a great choice if you want to make a hedge or shade. It has blue-green needles and grows about 1 foot per year on average. The loblolly pine is 25 to 30 feet tall and 10 to 15 feet wide.

The Eastern Redbud (Cercis canadensis ‘Forest Pansy’)

This lovely tree has purple leaves in the spring and bright pink flowers in early summer. In the fall, it has heart-shaped seed pods. The Eastern redbud is from North America. It can handle frost and grows well in zones around 6b.

  1. Dwarf Mugo Pine (Pinus mugo ‘Mughus’)

This evergreen conifer grows slowly and has short green needles that are covered in white dots, which give it an interesting look. It grows to be 5 feet tall and 10 feet wide. This dwarf variety grows slowly, and it takes about 10 years for it to get to its full size.

  1. Blue Spruce (Picea pungens ‘Glauca’)

This evergreen conifer is known for its short, dark green needles and silvery-blue color, which make it a beautiful addition to any landscape. It can reach a height of 30 feet and a width of 15 feet. It does well in USDA zones 1 to 7.

  1. Hawthorn from India (Rhaphiolepis indica)

This evergreen shrub is from China. It has green leaves all year and pink flowers in late spring. It can grow in full sun or partial shade, and it can also survive drought. It grows to be between 3 and 7 feet tall and spreads out to the same size. When used for decoration and landscaping, it looks beautiful. The Indian Hawthorn grows best in USDA zones 8 through 11.

  1. Japanese Maple that is small (Acer palmatum)

Depending on the type of plant, a dwarf Japanese maple can grow to be between 6 and 8 feet tall. In general, the dwarf variety is one of the most beautiful trees because its red leaves and many branches make it stand out. They are great for making your container garden stand out.

  1. Orange tree (Citrus sinensis)

Try an orange tree for something more foreign. You can grow a lot of fruit trees outside, but nothing is more juicy than an orange tree. As long as their basic needs, like water and light, are met, they are easy to take care of. Even though they don’t do well in cold weather, you can always bring them inside for the winter.

Which small trees do well in containers?

There are a lot of small trees that can grow in small gardens or even inside. Most dwarf varieties of trees that grow outside do well when brought inside. Some other well-known favorites are:

  • Fiddle Leaf Fig (Ficus lyrata)
  • Yucca (Yucca elephantipes) (Yucca elephantipes)
  • Rubber Plant (Ficus elastica)
  • Orange Tree Calamondin (Citrus mitis)
  • Jade Plant (Crassula argentea)
  • Parlor Palm (Chamaedorea elegans)
  • Don’t Know (Dieffenbachia)
  • Weeping Fig (Ficus benjamin)

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How to take care of trees growing in planters

What are some rules I should follow when I water my plants in pots?
How much water your tree in a pot needs will depend on a lot of things, like whether or not it’s in direct sunlight, how windy it is, and how warm it is. Still, as a general rule, you should give your plants a lot of water when the soil is completely dry.

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