The Best Places to Find Tree Planters for Sale (2023)

Looking to find tree planters for sale? If you’re always buying plants, you know that a stylish planter is the best way to make your plants stand out. The right planter will not only keep your plants happy and healthy, but it will also add to the style of your space as a whole.

You can find nice-looking planters for trees in all sorts of shapes and sizes these days, whether you want to hang them, put them on stands, or use a simple pot on your windowsill. Check out the best places to buy the planter of your dreams, and tell us in the comments which ones we missed.

Where to Find Tree Planters for Sale

tree planters for sale
Photo by David Pisnoy on Unsplash
  1. Jungalow

We love all of Jungalow’s home decor and accessories, so it’s no surprise that we also love their planters. Jungalow has a lot of styles, from cement to woven, to make your boho plant theme come true. This 2-piece planter bowl is a simple but unique piece that will really make the colors of your plants stand out. Buy the Justina Blakeney Kaya 2-Piece Bowl Planter for $58.
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  1. Etsy

If you shop on Etsy often, you know that it’s one of the best places to find a wide range of unique, inexpensive planters in all kinds of styles. This concrete planter from Made By Rheal is perfect for your collection of succulents. You can get a few and mix and match them to make a fun plantscape. Pepper Palm, Parceline, The Potted Earth Co., and Hudson + Oak are some other shops we like. Starting at $10, you can buy a Made by Rheal Large Concrete Planter.

Photo by Likith T on Unsplash
  1. Favor

Favor always has accessories and home goods that have been carefully chosen, and their planters are no exception. There are both unique vases and modern planters in their selection, and all of them are stylish enough to help our plants live their best lives. This sideways planter gives your plants more depth and will look great in any room. Buy: Oblique Planter, $100

  1. West Elm

You can’t forget about West Elm, of course. The store sells a wide range of boho and mid-century modern planters. You can shop by type, material, color, and price to find exactly what you want. These planters for tables come in three beautiful colors and are surprisingly cheap. Starts at $20 for the Bishop Tabletop Planter.

  1. Goodee

Goodee is a site for people who want to decorate their homes in a way that doesn’t hurt the environment. The site has a wide range of planters made by dozens of artists, so you’re sure to find what you’re looking for. This planter made of terracotta looks like it was made long ago. It will add warmth and soft colors to any room you put it in. Buy: Skagerak Edge Pot Ø15, $65

  1. ePlanters

ePlanters is a good place to shop if you want a lot of low-cost options. There are so many different kinds of planters—indoor, outdoor, plastic, fiberglass, and even ones that water themselves—that you’re sure to find the style you want. This round planter comes in 15 different colors and is a versatile, inexpensive option. Starting at $17.29, you can buy an American Essence Odessa Round Planter.

  1. AllModern

AllModern is another great place to find a nice range of mid-century planters. (We even wrote about their choice of planters here!) The flash deals site has a lot to choose from at all different price points. For example, this beautiful fiber clay pot planter is a real head-turner. The smooth finish on the pot and the light wood stand will give your room a clean look. Buy the $188.99 ($173) Featherste Fiber Clay Planter.

  1. Tal & Bert

Tal & Bert is the place to go if you want a planter that will really draw attention. Their planters are made from a mix of concrete and cement, and they are finished with raw crystals for a beautiful look. This small planter will look great on a table or bookshelf and is a great place for air plants and succulents. Buy: Lepidolite Mini Planter, $34

Photo by Likith T on Unsplash
  1. The land

You can’t talk about plants and planters without bringing up Terrain, of course. Terrain probably has what you need, whether you want a tiny planter for your favorite succulents or a big planter for your Fiddle Leaf Fig. This cylinder planter with bits of natural stone and grains of marble will bring some of the outdoors into your home. Buy: Terrazzo Cylinder Planter, $18

  1. H&M

You might think that H&M only sells clothes and accessories, but they also have a great line of planters and other home goods that you might not expect. Shop by color, pattern, and idea to find what you want, whether it’s something new or something old. This graphic planter will give your home a modern feel and give your plant a lot of character. Face Plant Pot, $17.99 (to buy)

  1. Lulu and Georgia

Check out Lulu and Georgia if you want coastal-style planters. We love their selection of very stylish planters that are sure to give your space a casual, cool vibe. This cement planter is the color of the sky, and it has a tapered base that will make your plant stand out. Starts at $38 to buy the Addey Planter.

  1. Archaeology

Anthropologie is known for having a lot of boho-chic home items, so it’s not surprising that the online store is full of planters. Anthropologie has what you need for your plants, whether you want a big pastel planter or just some small patterned ones. The Gladia Planter has a tray for water drainage and comes in three different colors. Buy: Gladia Planter, $24

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