The Best Buyers Guide for Large Outdoor Tree Planters (2023)

large outdoor tree planters

All things to consider when buying large outdoor tree planters – Large planters are a unique way to add color and texture to any room. These big containers can be used inside and outside, in hotel lobbies and on your front porch.

Large planters can be put in front of windows or doors, along walkways, or in gardens to make them look more interesting.

In this post, we’ll talk about the pros and cons of some of the different materials that can be used to make these large outdoor planters.

We’ll also talk about how to use large and even extra-large planters in homes and businesses to make them look their best in terms of style and decoration.

But if you already know what to do with your planters, check out our collection of the best large outdoor planters for this year.

What Are Large Outdoor Tree Planters Sizes?

Large Outdoor Tree Planters
Source: Eduardo Soares on Unsplash

There are many different shapes and sizes of outdoor planters, ranging from 12 inches to 14 feet in diameter. The Wannsee extra large planter is 50 inches tall and is our biggest planter at Jay Scotts.

Smaller planters can only hold one plant, but bigger planters can hold several plants, shrubs, or even trees! In fact, Jay Scotts has large planters in every shape, from round ones that look great with trees to rectangular ones that are perfect for hedgerows.

There are many large and extra-large planters on the market that can be used for any size project. Your creativity is the only thing that can stop you.
Check out our analysis of the best planter shapes and sizes to learn more about planter sizes and specifications.

Gardens and parks benefit from large planters

Large plant displays can be used to improve public places like gardens, parks, aquariums, museums, and zoos. Big planters outside are a great way to attract people and give them something pretty to look at. This often makes the price of the ticket worth more.

Also, a large planter is hard to move and impossible to steal compared to a small one because it is heavy and big.

What kinds of materials are used to make big planters for outside?

There are many different kinds of materials that are used to make planters, and these materials change how they are used and how long they last.

Big planters for outside can be made of wood, plastic resin, metal, and so on. You should check out our full guide to planter materials, but here are two to think about:

Cheap extra-large planters for outside

wooden tree planters
Source: David Pisnoy on Unsplash

Cheap planters made of plastic are fine for occasional use, but they won’t last long. Most of the time, the first plant pot you buy from a nursery is made of plastic. However, if the pot is big and the landscape is worth investing in, you will need to replace it within a year. Clay or stone pots work well in residential areas where the owner has time to fix any damage caused by the weather.

What are quality extra large planters?

Source: Likith.T on Unsplash

People often choose large fiberglass planters because they can be made as big as needed and are very light. Compared to stone or metal, fiberglass planters also look very modern, but they might not fit all home and business decor styles.

Large resin planters are made to be flexible, durable, and last a long time, like fiberglass. The coating is also resistant to rot and weather, so you don’t have to worry about paint chips or rust. Because of this, fiberglass is a great material for both inside and outside use.

Large planters are a great way to add color and texture to any room, park, or hotel! Each pot has its own job to do.

Check out our list of the best tree planters for 2022 if you want a large planter that is strong, beautiful, and useful.

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