Dwarf Cherry Trees for Sale: The Best Guide 2023

Dwarf Cherry Trees for Sale
Dwarf Cherry Trees for Sale

What are dwarf cherry trees for sale? Are you looking to add some sweetness to your garden? Then, look no further than Dwarf Cherry Trees!

As an tree experts, these small trees not only add beauty to your landscape but also produce delicious fruit.

In this guide, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about dwarf cherry trees for sale so you can choose the perfect one for your garden.

What are Dwarf Cherry Trees for Sale?

Dwarf Cherry Trees for Sale
Dwarf Cherry Trees for Sale

Dwarf cherry trees are small trees that produce cherries. They are a great option for those with limited space but still want to enjoy fresh cherries.

Dwarf cherry trees can be grown in containers, making them an excellent choice for those with balconies or small gardens.

Types of Dwarf Cherry Trees

There are several types of dwarf cherry trees available on the market. Here are some of the most popular:

  1. Dwarf Cherry Tree – This fast-producing tart cherry tree was developed by the University of Saskatchewan to endure cold temperatures. It was developed alongside the Carmine Jewel, Romeo, and Juliet. The average size of the tree is 5 – 8 feet tall, with a 5 – 7 feet spread. The growth rate is moderate, and it blooms white in spring.
  2. Dwarf North Star Cherry Tree – This medium-sized bright red to mahogany skinned cherry has yellow, juicy tender flesh. The Dwarf North Star Cherry Tree is an attractive small tree that naturally only grows 8 to 10 feet. The North Star is a highly productive sour cherry that is extremely cold hardy and disease-resistant.

Where to Buy Dwarf Cherry Trees?

There are many places to buy dwarf cherry trees, both online and offline. Here are some options:

  1. Rennie Orchards – They offer dwarf cherry trees for sale, including the Dwarf Cherry Tree mentioned above. Their website offers a variety of cherry tree options and growing advice.
  2. Willis Orchards – This website offers the Dwarf North Star Cherry Tree for sale, along with other fruit trees. They have a vast selection of fruit trees and offer advice on planting and care.
  3. Stark Bros – This website offers a selection of dwarf cherry trees for sale. They also provide a guide to hardiness zones and which trees and plants are compatible with your area.

Planting and Care Tips for Dwarf Cherry Trees

Here are some tips to help you plant and care for your dwarf cherry tree:

  1. Choosing the Right Location – Dwarf cherry trees require full sun, so make sure you choose a spot that receives at least six hours of sunlight per day. They also need well-draining soil.
  2. Planting – Make sure to dig a hole that is twice the size of the root ball. Place the tree in the hole and backfill with soil. Water the tree thoroughly.
  3. Watering – Water the tree regularly, especially during the first year. Make sure the soil is moist but not waterlogged.
  4. Pruning – Prune your tree during the dormant season to encourage new growth and to remove any dead or diseased branches.
  5. Fertilizing – Fertilize your tree with a balanced fertilizer once a year in the spring.


Dwarf cherry trees are a great addition to any garden, and they are easy to grow and care for.

Whether you choose the Dwarf Cherry Tree or the Dwarf North Star Cherry Tree, you are sure to enjoy fresh, delicious cherries right from your backyard.

Make sure to choose a reputable source when buying your tree and follow the planting and care tips above for the best results. Happy gardening!

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