Making The Best DIY Tree Stump Planters With Minimalistic Budget (2023)

Can we make gorgeous DIY tree stump planters with minimalistic budget? Yes, we absolutely can!

Source: Yves Alarie on Unsplash

With a tomato cage and garland, you can make these beautiful DIY tree planters for less than $20.

I love putting up Christmas decorations on the outside of my house, but outdoor planters can be very expensive. Here’s how to make your own DIY tree planters that look great and don’t cost a lot of money.

What I love most about this DIY tree stump planters is that you can still leave it outside until spring. Just take off the lights and decorations and you have a beautiful evergreen decoration until spring.

Supplies Needed for DIY Tree Stump Planters

DIY Tree Stump Planters
Source: Marius Girard on Unsplash

To make the tree, you only need a few things, and then you can decorate and style it however you want:

Two pots with dirt (I used what I already had on-hand)

Each planter has two tomato cages (I layered two for each planter so they were sturdier.) These are sold at Loew’s and Home Depot. ($4 each)
Stakes to keep a tomato cage in place (I used two per planter but would recommend more if your tree is more exposed or if you live in an area prone to higher winds) ($2.50 for 10 of them)

You can put more garlands in each planter if you want the tree to look fuller.
Extra lights or decorations

Not Required Decorations

This really depends on you! You can add lights or use a garland that lights up if there is a plug nearby. I also put in some pretty berry accents from Hobby Lobby or Michael’s, like these. (About $2 each!) I used small pieces of birch tree to make the ornaments.

Base Garland Recommendations: For the base, I’d start with something simple and cheap like this to cover the tomato cage completely. Or, this option is only $15 for 33 feet, so you’ll have plenty left over.

Recommendations for the Top Layer Garland: Once you’ve covered the tomato cage, you can add a more detailed garland on top. This pinecone garland or this evergreen and eucalyptus garland are both beautiful and can be bought at Target. You could also choose a garland like this one that already has berries, ornaments, and lights on it. This is also a great choice if you want to use a simple style that will never go out of style.

Other Accents: You could also wrap bells like these from Kirklands around your garland trees. These or these from Target are also great. You can do anything!


First, put the two tomato cages on top of each other and tie the top together with a string or rubber band to make a cone.

Put the tomato cages in the planter with stakes.
Wrap a plain garland around the tomato cage all the way around, starting at the bottom.

You can add more or more garlands of your choice.
Decorate as desired

How to make a planter box and what wood to use

Source: Manja Vitolic on Unsplash

Wooden planter boxes are cheap and easy to put together.
Redwood is a good choice because it doesn’t rot and has a reputation for lasting a long time. It can be a lot more expensive than the other choices, which is a shame. Find out more about the uses and benefits of redwood.

Cedar doesn’t rot either, but it doesn’t last as long as redwood. not too expensive either.
Douglas fir, on the other hand, only lasts about 5 to 7 years. Wood used for garden boxes that costs the least.

Make sure the wood you choose for your planter box is not treated. Plants can be hurt by the chemicals used to treat wood.

Benefits of a DIY wooden planter box

Simple to make!
Make your space as big or small as you want.
Fewer weeds
You can put them anywhere you want, for decoration or to get more light.

how to make a semi-hydro planter on your own

Before you start, run the tupperware through the dishwasher to kill any germs.

Put 1/2 to 1 inch of LECA on the outside of the Tupperware container. This gives the roots a lot of room to grow out of the slots and explore, and I’ve found that this extra layer of LECA also keeps algae from growing.

Place the LECA on top of the inner storage container.

Fill the inner container with the stuff you’ll use to grow plants. If you use pon like I did, put a piece of wire mesh inside the inner storage box to keep the pon in place. If you use LECA instead, you don’t need to line the inside of the container because the LECA balls won’t fall through the holes.

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