The Best Commercial Tree Planters to Buy in 2023

Finding commercial tree planters – Tree planters can literally make any space look better. But it’s not always easy to find the right trees and the right planters to put them in.
More and more people are growing trees in planters. Most homes, offices, hotels, restaurants, and other places have them.

Modern, elite wood-clad planters made to order at a private home
This happens for a good reason. Planting ornamental trees in modern pots can improve almost any setting. Some common benefits are:

  • Making a city neighborhood with little outdoor space feel more like a garden
  • Bringing the benefits of trees into a room
  • Framing entrances or walkways in hotels or businesses
  • Creating focal points that draw the eye
  • Bringing more color, texture, and size to gardens and patios
  • Creating a healthier place to work. Tree planters can also help you grow and care for trees in climates that are not their natural ones.

But if you’re not an expert, there are some hard questions to answer, like how to choose the right ornamental tree for your needs and, most importantly, how to choose the right large outdoor planters for trees.

But the good news is that you don’t have to be a natural gardener to grow trees successfully. You only have to answer the questions below:

What kind of tree should I plant? And does that tree fit into my plans and my budget?

What kind of tree planter should I use for my project?

We have tree planters that are made to fit different sizes and shapes of trees. We can also make any size, shape, or color of metal planters. If you want to use fiberglass, you can choose the color you want. So, if you are trying to decide whether to pick the planter or the tree first, we recommend that you pick the tree. The type of planter you need will depend on the tree you choose, since the planter needs to keep the tree healthy.

What kind of tree fits my design and my budget?

Commercial Tree Planters
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At Southcentre Mall, you can find modern Elite aluminum planters.

There are many different kinds of ornamental trees to choose from. But each type is very different, so before you look into tree planters, you should learn about the most common trees you might want to use. How to choose the right trees depends on the four things below.

This word means how well your trees can live in the weather where you live. The range of temperatures is used to classify hardiness. The United States Department of Agriculture has made a Plant Hardiness Zone Map for North America to help people find the right trees based on how hardy they are.

Water and Light Needs: Different types of ornamental trees need different amounts of water and light. This is an important thing to think about when choosing large outdoor planters for trees because their ability to live will depend on where you put them. The amount of water that ornamental trees need can range from low to moderate to high. They may also need anywhere from partial shade to full sun.

Height and Width when Fully Grown:

It’s important to think about how big your trees will be when they grow up. This will have a big effect on how big your tree planters need to be and where you can put them, as well as what kind of tree planter you’ll need (more to come about that).

Possible Litter: If you’re looking at large outdoor planters for trees, it’s likely that you’ll put them in a place where you want to keep things clean. So, when you’re deciding what to put in your tree planters, think about how much trash, like leaves, you’ll have to pick up.

If you want ideas for trees to put in your tree planter, check out this article from Houzz. It talks about 10 common trees that grow well in containers and gives detailed information about each one.

Before you buy ornamental trees for your tree planters, you should talk to an expert to make sure you get the right ones for your needs. But if you want a quick reference, you can also look at this quick guide from UCCE Master Gardeners. It has detailed information about many common ornamental trees.

How to Choose Commercial Tree Planters

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Schilling Place has modern Elite aluminum planters

It can be difficult to find the right tree planter for your needs. It’s important to choose tree planters that go with the trees you choose.

As a general rule, you should keep a few things in mind when choosing large outdoor planters for trees.

Tree Size

Planter Weight: Your tree planter should be heavy enough to give your tree a stable base. To keep a bigger tree from falling over as it grows, you’ll need a bigger planter. Remember that bigger trees catch more wind, which can make them more likely to fall over if they are in a small, light planter.

Level of Maturity of Trees: If you want to buy a tree planter that will be the tree’s home for life, you might want to look for trees that are close to being fully grown.

This is because if you plant a tree in a pot that is much bigger than its roots, the soil that doesn’t touch the roots can go bad. This means that trees that aren’t as big yet might need to start out in a smaller pot and then be moved to a bigger one. Choosing the right tree planter will be easier if you choose trees that are close to being fully grown.

You can also think about a few other things when choosing large outdoor planters for trees, such as:

Adding Weight: Along with soil, you can add rocks to the bottom of your tree planter to give it more weight and make it more stable. Read our blog post on the subject to find out more.

Bolting the Planter: If possible, bolting the planter to the surface it stands on is another way to make it more stable.

Use Bottomless Retention Edging Planters. If you have enough room, you can use bottomless retention edging planters for trees. These planters are made with the same bottom walls as other planters, but they don’t have a bottom so that the soil from the base can be used.

This means that you can use this type of planter if the soil below where you’ll put your tree is open. This will let the tree’s roots grow down into the ground. This makes it look like a planter is around a tree that might be too big to grow in a planter on its own. In our Modular Planters 101 Guide, we go into this subject in depth.

Different Ways to Plant Trees

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Modern Elite custom made planters at Villa BXV

When it comes to tree planters, there are many to choose from. But not all tree planters will work for the trees you want to grow.

When it comes to high-quality large outdoor planters for trees, PureModern has a lot of options for you to choose from. All of our planters come in a variety of sizes and materials, such as fiberglass, powder-coated aluminum, and COR-TEN weathering steel.
Here are a few ideas for large outdoor planters for trees that you might want to look into.

Large planters for trees come in 13 different styles.

Pioneer Round Tapered Planter: This dramatic planter is made of lightweight but durable fiberglass and can be finished in a variety of metals that will age gracefully and develop a soft patina over time. It can hold mid-sized ornamental trees because its base is so wide.

Governor Planter – This planter is square and comes in an extra-large size, so it can hold larger ornamental trees. It is made of strong fiberglass and is the perfect size for planting trees outside at your home, office, or workplace.

Geo Vase – The Geo Vase is a great choice for a tree planter because it is made of fiberglass that won’t break or rust. The XXL version is nearly seven feet tall and weighs 77 pounds, making it a strong choice for ornamental trees that are between three and seven feet tall.

Modern Elite Cube Planter – Made of heavy gauge marine-grade aluminum, this planter is strong, heavy, and has a low center of gravity, so it can hold ornamental trees of a medium size.

Modern Elite Round Planter: This stylish planter has a clean, modern look and a small footprint to make the most of the space in any room. It’s the perfect size for a small tree.

Modern Square Planter, Tapered – This hand-finished fiberglass tapered planter is made to last for generations. It gives your space a modern look and can hold medium- to large-sized ornamental trees with ease.

Geo Square Tower Planter: This is a great choice if you want a tree planter for a small, thin ornamental tree. This fiberglass tree planter is easy to move and would look great in an entryway or along a sidewalk.

Modular Planter Options: If you’re designing an outdoor space for a business that will be exposed to harsh weather, check out our modular planter options. When you use a modular planter with bottomless retention edging, it looks like a planter and you can be sure it won’t fall over. Click here to learn more about this option.

Classic Tapered Planter – Our Classic Taper fiberglass tree planters are great for bigger trees because they have a wider opening than our popular geometric planters.

Solstice Planter: This large and sturdy fiberglass planter will keep trees from falling over in the wind. It’s a great planter for holding bigger trees because it has a wide, stable base. Make sure to look at the custom sizes to make sure you get the right planter for your tree.

Driftwood Planter: This tree planter looks like it’s made of old teak wood, giving your medium- to large-sized trees a natural look.

Drummond Cube Planter: This is the right tree planter for you if you want to add a large tree to your space. Its wide base and heavier weight make it a strong and stable choice. It is made of tough, versatile fiberglass.

Twain Tapered Planter: This lightweight fiberglass planter is a great choice for smaller trees because of its style, which is bold and strong.

PurePots fiberglass planters made to order at Scan Design

At PureModern, we focus on making high-quality custom tree planters that have a high-end design aesthetic and are built to last. The tips in this article come from our past work with clients and what we’ve learned over the years to be the best ways to do things. But we still think it’s important to talk to a professional when choosing trees and learning more about the best tree planters for your needs.

Communicate with us. Our experts are available to answer any questions you may have.

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