Various tidbits of this industry.

A company recently wrote me a letter expressing interest in cooperation, that they wanted to do something for the environment but only had a little bit of money. To which I eventually responded: what’s a subscription box? i just need a clear plan. right now i have no clue what you are offering. there are […]

A highballer (fast planter) can make from $250-500 a day, which makes this job seem appealing. It was the highest paying job I could find for the summers when in university. But it is also one of the ten toughest jobs in the world. I once spoke with a camp cook who worked in the construction industry […]


After treeplanting my way through university, I decided to move to the city of my birth, Prague, Czech Republic. I was involved in some charities for the 15 years I lived there, but eventually got tired of the stagnation, so I moved myself and my business into a truck to travel around Europe for the next five years, […]

         My favourite case I watched once planting in the middle of a large cutblock<. I was on the edge of this expanse of cleared forest watching two guys with two horses and one truck, thinning out a forest. They carefully selected which trees to log (one strategy is to cut the smaller ones and […]

Photo drawn from Planting your tree all begins as soon as you finish planting your last one, since this is often the best time to start planning your next spot and how to get there. Usually while you are putting your tree into the ground, or as you rise up to depart to your […]

You would think that tree planting mostly depends on brute force, but more of it depends on efficiency of movement, and the right drive. I’ve seen small-framed girls planting double or more the quantity of hard working and muscular males. I have planted for seven summers, two of them eight months long, and have usually found myself […]

I couldn’t find much on the internet, but I believe treeplanting started or matured the fastest in New Zealand, where they would have run out of trees much earlier than in larger countries. For many years in Canada, and apparently still the practice in the US, trees were planted in unison by a row of […]