How to treeplant


I actually remember one greener newbie who made holes not far from this size. Amazing to watch how much time he spent planting each tree, occasionally taking a break to wipe his brow, blow his nose and continue. He lasted about a week. Once you have your blade deep enough in the ground you want […]

In this case the depth of your shovel blade would have to sink to below the top “duff”, which is anything above the soil that cannot hold moisture. This may seem more obvious than it is, but with the great variety of terrain you will come across, you will find there are definitely many ways […]

Eventually you will realise that your shovel can be more useful than just carving a slice into the earth. For example, sometimes I may spin it around and use the D-handle to pack down the soil around the plug in hard-to-get-to spots. Another frequent use is to prod with it. Especially if you are in rocky […]

You would think that tree planting mostly depends on brute force, but more of it depends on efficiency of movement, and the right drive. I’ve seen small-framed girls planting double or more the quantity of hard working and muscular males. I have planted for seven summers, two of them eight months long, and have usually found myself […]