If it’s not the sun and searing heat its the rain and torrential downpour. And if it’s not one of the other hundred things which make treeplanting living hell on earth, it’s the BUGS! We used to always giggle and snort whenever a new planter would enter camp so we could guess how long they […]


Many planters like to plant topless and get a wonderful tan. Preferably without straps, but I’ve seen people pass out due to heat or sun stroke and I advise you to be careful regarding this. Once I stopped for some reason and almost passed out in the heat, the sound of blood gushing through my […]


Such an arduous job will inevitably tax your body. Your metabolism seems to double, with a likewise increase in appetite. Your wounds heal three times as fast. Your nails and hair grow faster as well. While fasting, I’ve learned that your body can consume up to 60% of its energy converting food into usable energy. Breaking down […]


My favourite case I watched once planting in the middle of a large cutblock (a large block or area where all the trees have been cut down). I was on the edge of this expanse of cleared forest watching two guys with two horses and one truck, thinning out a forest. They carefully selected which […]


         Like termites in an attic, we gobble up empty space and fill out empty blocks stripped of their trees. The Native American First Nations Peoples, as they collectively take on contracts too, like to start in the middle of an area and plant outwards like dew drops spiraling out of a snail shell. However, in […]


This is the tool which will make all things happen. Inevitably, one can look at it as their golf club. You could even consider having different shovels for different types of ground. You can get a staff shovel (shown here), which is a long stick, or a D handle (shown below), which is more common. The […]

I always noticed how those who put in the most numbers are usually those who get out of the truck first, volunteer to take the first available piece, are the fastest on their first bagup, and already planting before anyone else. They are usually also always the last ones in the truck to go back to camp at […]

Planting medium is the soil or other substance you are considering to plant your tree in. Usually they specify the requirements. Sometimes they let you plant in rotting wood. Usually, if the rotting wood is still red but getting quite mushy and wet, that would be a healthy enough environment in which your seedling can […]

One foreman kept repeating this to me: efficiency of movement. His numbers, whenever he got the opportunity to plant, were phenomenal. I watched him and he didn’t seem to be moving fast at all. Whenever I watched the ultra highballers, with numbers often double or more mine, they never seemed to be working harder than […]


You can get quite creative here as well. One planter showed me a video how, in soft sand, he didn’t even need to close his hole because the sand just fell into the hole naturally. In a particular terrain, I might push the handle far forward to build up a mound in front of it. By this […]