A company recently wrote me a letter expressing interest in cooperation, that they wanted to do something for the environment but only had a little bit of money. To which I eventually responded: what’s a subscription box? i just need a clear plan. right now i have no clue what you are offering. there are […]

A highballer (fast planter) can make from $250-500 a day, which makes this job seem appealing. It was the highest paying job I could find for the summers when in university. But it is also one of the ten toughest jobs in the world. I once spoke with a camp cook who worked in the construction industry […]


After treeplanting my way through university, I decided to move to the city of my birth, Prague, Czech Republic. I was involved in some charities for the 15 years I lived there, but eventually got tired of the stagnation, so I moved myself and my business into a truck to travel around Europe for the next five years, […]

The above mentioned quality control procedures sound quite impressive, dont they? You would expect an industry this old to have developed a solid and systematic approach by now. Unfortunately, from the perspective of a lowly planter like myself, it appears suspiciously otherwise. For your entertainment I will now rant about this issue and reveal some […]

The quality check is performed using a plot <bm> , which you create by randomly sticking your shovel into the ground somewhere and check all the trees which have fallen within an 8 foot radius of that shovel. First the treeplanting company’s checkers or foremen check your trees, but then the forestry does the same, […]

Having played sports much of my life, I learned the value of stretching. I guess it was more important to me now, considering my age, but many of the young ones would walk crooked and constantly complain about back and other pains. Many say that two months is about the limit, but I believe that, […]

When crazy people like treeplanters meet nature in such a raw environment, you can expect some interesting things to happen. Following are a collection that I have managed to remember over the years. – One guy was planting away in a mountainous area and fell through the top surface into a deep ravine. Fortunately he […]

If it’s not the sun and searing heat its the rain and torrential downpour. And if it’s not one of the other hundred things which make treeplanting living hell on earth, it’s the BUGS! We used to always giggle and snort whenever a new planter would enter camp and we’d guess how long they might […]

Many planters like to plant topless and get a wonderful tan. Preferably without straps <link to bags> , but I’ve seen people pass out due to heat or sun stroke and I advise you to be careful regarding this. Once I stopped for some reason and almost passed out in the heat, the sound of […]